Moments I cherish

The list is endless and it can be edited anytime and every time, as my wishes always increase and I want to get everything in this world that makes me happy. Here is the list that makes me happy.

I am happy when/ with

  1. Excellence
  2. I like beautiful feet hence I prefer pedicure above facial
  3. while removing old books from my room, I find few notes (money) kept in them
  4. cats more than dogs; actually I don’t like dogs
  5. I am with my mother
  6. My efforts are appreciated
  7. Salman Khan smiles
  8. I am in a garden with lovely flowers
  9. I am being treated like a princess (especially being done on my birthdays) 🙂
  10. someone gifts me flowers
  11. someone pampers me
  12. I see a rainbow
  13. I see sunset
  14. I am by the side of sea during sunset or sunrise
  15. I am in mountains filled with snow
  16. I am with intelligent people with a great sense of humour
  17. I am with my best friends, those are like my family
  18. Watching romantic movies
  19. I am listening the song – ‘My favorite things’ from movie sound of music
  20. I am walking on a long trail surrounded with trees loaded with flowers.

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