Beat the Monday Blues

I was happy as it was Monday and I was excited with the task I was having in my hand. As I left few tasks incomplete last Friday hence those were my priority assignment and require my attention as the first thing in the morning.

I prepare quotes for clients that require analysis of data of past 4 years and I cherish working on those, so I was motivated towards achieving my goals. I admire when I am having assignments to be completed within a day.

I usually check my official emails on my way to office; suddenly to my surprise I saw an email from my boss where I was being offered a new Samsung Galaxy S-5 for official purpose. Though I have never been a fan of Samsung or Samsung could never even be the last option in my list while purchasing a mobile but anything that comes as reward and recognition of the work being done seems motivates you. Feeling excited and motivated.

As I reached office I saw a friend of mine with a dull and sick face, I asked if everything is fine with her and she said ‘Oh! It’s just Monday Blues.’ Recently I got a chance to read an article on Forbes (refer below link) which can help everyone who suffers with those Monday blues

The best thing that I like in the article was ‘Shane says you must make a decision to turn negative reluctance and dread into a “positive, productive and excited welcome to Monday energy.”’ and slide eighth Make someone else happy and that will make your morning great.

Though I don’t feel like coming to office when I am at home for a longer duration on RRTs. I may be sad when I am leaving my home but once I am in office I don’t feel those Monday/ Tuesday blues. I don’t know what are those but for real if those exists for me I would have definitely gone for a change. And seriously for me change would not have been on part of job but yes, I would have started working more on my personal affairs then the time I am currently committing on it.

There is something that holds me to my current job and someday I will find it or you can say I will admit it. 🙂

Have a  #MotivatedMonday


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