Beat the Monday Blues

I was happy as it was Monday and I was excited with the task I was having in my hand. As I left few tasks incomplete last Friday hence those were my priority assignment and require my attention as the first thing in the morning.

I prepare quotes for clients that require analysis of data of past 4 years and I cherish working on those, so I was motivated towards achieving my goals. I admire when I am having assignments to be completed within a day.

I usually check my official emails on my way to office; suddenly to my surprise I saw an email from my boss where I was being offered a new Samsung Galaxy S-5 for official purpose. Though I have never been a fan of Samsung or Samsung could never even be the last option in my list while purchasing a mobile but anything that comes as reward and recognition of the work being done seems motivates you. Feeling excited and motivated.

As I reached office I saw a friend of mine with a dull and sick face, I asked if everything is fine with her and she said ‘Oh! It’s just Monday Blues.’ Recently I got a chance to read an article on Forbes (refer below link) which can help everyone who suffers with those Monday blues

The best thing that I like in the article was ‘Shane says you must make a decision to turn negative reluctance and dread into a “positive, productive and excited welcome to Monday energy.”’ and slide eighth Make someone else happy and that will make your morning great.

Though I don’t feel like coming to office when I am at home for a longer duration on RRTs. I may be sad when I am leaving my home but once I am in office I don’t feel those Monday/ Tuesday blues. I don’t know what are those but for real if those exists for me I would have definitely gone for a change. And seriously for me change would not have been on part of job but yes, I would have started working more on my personal affairs then the time I am currently committing on it.

There is something that holds me to my current job and someday I will find it or you can say I will admit it. 🙂

Have a  #MotivatedMonday


Moments I cherish

The list is endless and it can be edited anytime and every time, as my wishes always increase and I want to get everything in this world that makes me happy. Here is the list that makes me happy.

I am happy when/ with

  1. Excellence
  2. I like beautiful feet hence I prefer pedicure above facial
  3. while removing old books from my room, I find few notes (money) kept in them
  4. cats more than dogs; actually I don’t like dogs
  5. I am with my mother
  6. My efforts are appreciated
  7. Salman Khan smiles
  8. I am in a garden with lovely flowers
  9. I am being treated like a princess (especially being done on my birthdays) 🙂
  10. someone gifts me flowers
  11. someone pampers me
  12. I see a rainbow
  13. I see sunset
  14. I am by the side of sea during sunset or sunrise
  15. I am in mountains filled with snow
  16. I am with intelligent people with a great sense of humour
  17. I am with my best friends, those are like my family
  18. Watching romantic movies
  19. I am listening the song – ‘My favorite things’ from movie sound of music
  20. I am walking on a long trail surrounded with trees loaded with flowers.

My Dream

As I was reading abstract from Nelson Mandela’s retirement speech some thought passed through my mind that I would like to share.

I had a dream. A dream about retirement. My retirement. Like I am retiring from my current job.

What feels like when you know that now you will not be coming to office, no more need of wake up calls, no more meeting schedules to review in the morning, no more work pressure, no more planning for late night business calls. My To-Do list will change. On the other hand you will not be seeing your colleagues daily who have become your friends and have shared your good and bad memories in all these passing years.

If there was a feeling of happiness to enjoy life and see the other side of the river there was a sadness behind the smile.

I have my savings with me so I was happy that now instead of being worrying about my bread and butter I can focus more on social activites, I can devote my time to society and help the people who need my help, who want to grow in life, who wants some education but they are behind the time becuase they do not have anoyone to help them, to tell them what they can do for better life. They just need a guide and I will be their guide.

I was happy as I have more time for myself. I will be having time for things that I love to do. I can enjoy my time writing my thoughts that crosses my mind all the times. Too many thoughts that are there and passes by. Now I have the time to put pen to paper and read them whenever I am feeling lonely or happy or need someone to inspire or just like that!


Happy to Retire!!